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Modern and contemporary Art is the central pin of the first dedicated fair, which runs its 42nd edition in Bologna, 2-5 of February


Arte Fiera 2018 is ready to start on 2nd of February at pavilions 25-26 of BolognaFiere.

The Italian art fair for excellence, first for organisation and level of importance, runs its 42nd edition, which promises a rich and unmissable program full of original events, special projects, significative artists and unusual ideas thanks to the artistic direction of Angela Vettese.

Into the fair district you can meet 150 art and photo galleries, 30 art magazine and publishing institutions and some meeting spaces for debates, conferences and presentations - details about the event sections on the official website.


Bologna remarks its identity as reference city of the Italian culture, capable of spreading knowledge about art with creativity and with the ideal of sensitise every kind of public which feeds a true curiosity.


To realise this vision, the rich program will perform also in places around the city usually not accessible for the public: this collateral event is ART CITY, arrived at its sixth edition directed by Lorenzo Balbi. Ten free projects, in plan from 2nd to 4th of February, will enhance the participation of the people and the attractiveness of the art week; central theme of these projects is the contemporary language seen through artistic monographs, each of one designed for a specific place where it will be performed.


The performances spearhead will be “Tunguska Event, History Marches on a Table” by the Russian conceptual artist Vadim Zakharov.


In addition to the special project, we signal other major events:

- Revolutija da Chagall a Malevich da Repin a Kandinsky is a big exposition about soviet mastepieces, available thanks to the collaboration of the Russian State Museum of San Petersburg.

This exhibition talks about cultural dynamics of first ‘900, through operas by Altman, Goncharova, Malevich, Kandinsky, Chagall, Serov, Rodchenko and more.

- Duchamp, Magritte, Dalì. I Rivoluzionari del ‘900 is an international preview of a dedicated exposition of more than 200 art works of the most representative names of the high creativity and revolutionary genius of ‘900.

- Erin Shirreff and his first personal exhibition in Italy; for this occasion, the Canadian artist will show only exclusive operas, created especially for ART CITY.

- Luca Pozzi with The Grandfather Platform” and its installation as something practicable and concrete.

- Home Movies with STREET/FRAMES transforms the physical spaces of the city in regulable vision devices.

- Jacopo Mazzonelli plays with the meaning of the signs of sounds, in a sort of alphabet that can create a route.

- Elia Cantori presents two installations, Dead Constellation and Untitled, the first with pictures and the second with sculptures in aluminium, that express the fascinating discourse about limits and geographical representations.

Via Michelino, 105
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The sixth edition of Art City White Night on 3rd of February represents an unmissable one-night-only appointment that animate Bologna’s streets with another level of creativity and artistic proposals.


The spontaneous and eclectic character of this night edition always reserves surprises, like special openings and exclusive presentations:


- Ababo White Night is a special night organised by Accademia di Belle Arti of Bologna, where students and young artists propose recitals, animated movies, extemporary portraits, performances about Pirandello’s theatre piece and a little show about the artistic operas in various creative fields.

- City Light is the new book written by the architect Giorgio Granatiero: for the night event, he will introduce his work, plus an exposition prototype.

- Fruit Exhibition is an open independent publishing fair that concerning not only books, graphic design projects and periodicals, but also the research for music - see the official website for  more info 

- DUM.BO (Didattica Underground Metropolitana_Bologna) is a great show about five international artists who believe in marriage between art and education and transmit a particular sensibility for the new generations, treasures of ideas and exchanges. This exposition develops five different thematics following the vision of each artist.


Special appointment: an extraordinary opening of the Galleria Maurizio Nobile to introduce a triptych exhibition about Wolfango, Ducrot and Tristano di Robilant , three important artists deeply linked to Bologna. It’s a particular occasion to enjoy Maurizio Nobile’s initiative, that performs from 1st to 10th of February.



There are some events which are not strictly related to Art Fair 2018, but they communicate a different point of view into the contemporary art scenery:


Paratissima Bologna Art Fair

This particular exhibition lands for its very first time in Bologna, after stages like Lisbon, Skopjie, Milan and Naple, with a selection of emerging talents, independent artists and art galleries which propose activities like laboratories.


“La poesie est dans la rue” photographic gallery about French ’68

The title derives from the slogan of the student riots of the French May of ’68, that revives with a suggestive selection of pictures, original images and documents. The aim of this photo gallery is to represent the action as pure life and to capture the dialectic between imagination and reality.


One curious event is the exposition of thematic jewellery inspired on artistic movements of ‘900 organised by Atelier Annarita Vitali Gioielli.











Lara Tonani



The initiative performing at Palazzo Albergoni has been extended until the 25th of February. More time to enjoy the curious heritage from these revolutionary artists...

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