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Bologna opens the door of Palazzo Pallavicini for the 2018 Contemporary Art exhibition promoted by SetUp, from 1st to 4th of February.


“Art grows here” is more than the official slogan of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair 2018, but the spirit of its existence: the constant, ambitious mission of this exhibition is to offer new horizons into the contemporary art scenery, promoting galleries that invest in emerging young talents and growing a new generation of collectors and experts.


This 6th edition whispers about an evolution of perspectives, fruit of five years of innovation, audacity and trust in the changes: the art exhibition becomes a meeting and exchanging point between culture and economy, where art is the tool to enhance the value and the participation of the territory.

SetUp always displayed this tendency of an open and trustful view for the future, seen as a driving force for the present that assumes the concept of the perfect moment to “prepare the bases for a change”.


The result is an intriguing event which hosts 34 art galleries - 27 Italians, 7 international - and 5 publishers, foundations and organisations in support of art and culture in Italy, for a total amount of 39 exhibitors.

The selection and reduction of the number of participants aims to increase the quality level of the exhibition proposal.


Pallavicini Palace, the sumptuous building placed in the heart of Bologna, is the new venue for SetUp Contemporary Art Fair 2018.

Its majestic Renaissance atmosphere will characterise the fair background, capable of conjugate harmoniously the past and the contemporary, as it was in its glorious past: during the XVIII century, the palace played a relevant role in promoting many cultural and artistic events and hosting important historical figures, like Princess Maria Carolina D’Asburgo, the Emperor of Austria Joseph II and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.


The choice of changing the venue confirms the exceptional character and the uniqueness of this fair.


Together with an iconic presence and a stunning aesthetic, Pallavicini Palace shows a perfect structure to host the event: its thirteen rooms confer the right ambiance to the various stands and projects, while a special dedicated area is reserved for the publishers and foundations.


If the main purpose of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair is to “prepare the bases for the change” and its idea is the “trust for tomorrow”, the guiding theme talks about the present, faced with a thematic trilogy started with the past editions that evokes the idea of believing in changes and demonstrate courage.




Via San Felice, 24
+39 339 7805157
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After the previous key concepts of orientation and equilibrium, the 6th edition focuses around expectation.


This theme asks to the exhibitors to create a project where the present is seen as an active time, full of projections that give shape to economic, social, political, relations, geographical, technological and identity scenarios; in this sense, the contemporary art becomes the key lecture to outline the future.


The project will imply the interaction between the three key figures of the contemporary art system: the artist, the critic-curator and the gallery owner.  An important criteria, as in the past editions, is to include at least one project of an artist and a critic “under 35”.


The innovative and audacious character of SetUp Contemporary Art Fair finds a fertile field also with the collateral off projects: BREAK! launches its message of art as a fluid and vivid expression that must be impulsive - so, opposite of expectation - and free from any format - “against the flow”.





Other interesting initiative is Das Fest, a performance where visitors are personally involved in a collective action of waiting in a special atmosphere.


Or, Polisonum, an interesting experiment with the sounds, seen as tools to investigate the transformations of social and cultural landscapes and to build a re-signification of the space.


Or, again, Goethe 53 by Panem et Circenses, which celebrate the five years of the publishing house Il Rio from Mantua and that visions the expectation as a gift from the artist to the world.











Lara Tonani











Watch, learn, taste, live: today is the first day of the International Fair dedicated to the beloved Italian food

The latin...

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