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This charming restaurant has been serving the Bolognese people for the last 50 years, in a couple of different ways. It was originally a wine cellar where the locals who couldn't create their own wine at home (a practice that was very common in Bologna till the 60s) could come and get wine cheaply.

However with the commercialisation of wine in that period, Cantina Bentivoglio found itself with out a market and therefore without a reason to be. It spent 20 years providing storage space for various activities and then in 1982 it assumed its current role of “osteria” (tavern).


The current administration took over the running of Cantina Bentivoglio in 1987 and in 1989 opened the Music room, a room dedicated to the enjoyment of Jazz music and Bolognese cooking in perfect harmony.

The room was originally only used as storage space for the “osteria” that was present before, Cantina Bentivoglio quickly became renowned as a Mekkah for Jazz lovers all over Italy having housed some of the most renowned international artists and also giving room to up an coming young Italian musicians. 


From the street Cantina Bentivoglio is almost invisible, however once you are nearby the distinct sound of Jazz music and people having fun over food and wine is perfectly audible as it echoes around the Bolognese cloisters. In the warmer nights you can find people enjoying the music and food underneath the cloisters however there is no shortage of space inside.

The manager, Guido Paulato, has organised a wonderful stage at the end of the Cantina complete with lighting and the Cantina's natural acoustics help the music reverberate throughout the whole restaurant.


The food on offer is no lesser than the fantastic music being played, traditionally Bolognese, Cantina Bentivoglio offers some of the most authentic Prosciuttos and Hams all from the region, and the original Bolognese sauce on freshly made (just a couple of hours ago) Tagliatelle.


The Restaurant has not forgotten its past and has an incredible selection of wines at your disposal, of which many are from the local area and Guido is always the first to recommend them, saying they are no inferior to the most renowned wines of the world. 


Go to Cantina Bentivoglio’s website to see what’s in programme for the music room:


Via Mascarella 4/B
Tel. +39 051 265416
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Click to download Cantina Bentivoglio's full Program for February through to April 



We recommend in February:


3rd February

Maria Pia de Vito Hew Warren Duo "O Pata Pata"


8th February

The Brasstect Tribute to Horace Silver


23rd February

Ray Mantilla Latin Tinge


28th February

Marco Ferri New Quintet feat. Flavio Boltro & Gegè Munari





We recommend in March:


4th March

Paolo Fresu Omar Sousa Duo


15th March

Marco Tamburini Three Lower Colours & Vertere Quartet


20th March

Jeremy Pelt Quintet Soul


28th March

Bosso Giuliani Quartet


29th March

Rava Tribe



It’s one of the small ironies of Bologna that the entrance to this wine bar is on via Malcontenti (Unsatisfied Street), given that no one inside ever...

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John Mariani's "La Bella Bologna"

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