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More than just an exhibit but a veritable and innovative cultural experience, "widespread" and immersive, the Dalí Experience is the biggest attraction in Bologna, started from November 25th 2016 to May 7th, 2017.
About 200 works of art, from "The Dalí Universe" Collection, one of the richest testaments to Dali's artistic history, will be the main attractions on an interactive and multimedia journey that invites the visitor on an engaging and participatory experience. The collection includes 22 museum sculptures, 10 glass pieces created at the end of the 1960s with the famous "Daum di Nancy" glassware, 12 gold objects, more than 100 drawings taken from 10 illustrated books and 4 monumental sculptures, which will be placed at strategic points throughout the historic city center.

Curated by Loop, a creative group representing Italian excellence in the creation of interactive technologies applied to art and design, the Dali Experience was born out of a desire to expose the greater public to the lesser known aspects of the phantasmagoric Catalan artist, with a cutting edge approach.

The unconventional curatorial aspect of the exhibit makes it a "creative act" which, starting from each work of art, reveals further levels of meaning and understanding, and involves every facet of the exhibit, as if it were one overarching work of art. The goal is to empathize with the artist in order to provide the public with an emotional, non-didactic message, where the multimedia and interactive nature of the exhibit becomes an integral part of the story and not just an accessory or secondary element. Visitors will immerse themselves in the labyrinth of the artist's multifaceted mind to discover the creative output of his limitless imagination. A multi-dimensional voyage: from the two-dimensional drawings, to the sculptures' three-dimensionality, up to the fourth virtual dimension that goes beyond space and time.

+39 051 6555000
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The spectator will be constantly stimulated to utilize all of his or her senses to interact with the Dali Universe, in which the works of art converse with the interactive installations (3D animations, augmented reality, immersive projections) on a tour filled with endless revelations and surprises, that simply must be experienced. As they move through the exhibit, people will discover the various souls of the great master, whose creative contribution is not only associated with surrealistic painting but extends to the most diverse and fertile fields of the twentieth century: from cinema to fashion, from design to advertising, from literature to cuisine, up to including psychoanalysis, particle physics and new technologies.

The idea, and the challenge, is to redefine exhibition areas as flowing containers on the inside and open towards the outside, in an osmotic relationship with their surroundings; the driving forces from which culture expands outward from the center, engaging the city and making it a vital and active participant. For this reason, meetings and 360-degree, "surreal" events will be planned, taking place by surprise and in unpredictable places, in partnership with local institutions and organizations in a back-and-forth dichotomy between inside-outside, online-offline, real-virtual. There are three types of interactive examples that will be found in this exhibition.

Augmented Reality: This app will allow users to discover objects inspired by Dali's world spread throughout the territory, from the historic city center to the outskirts of the city, from the most famous and notable places to those more unusual, for free. Users can take pictures and share them on the main social networks, where the exhibit will have a constant presence with the hashtag #daliexperience

Interaction: The exhibit proposes a unique Experience by asking the visitor to take an active and participatory approach, in which the interaction with multimedia elements becomes an essential part of the exhibit itself. These will be original and simple interactions, which do not require any particular skills on the part of the visitor, but just the use of natural gestures and actions.


Multi-dimensional installations: The works of art on display will converse with immersive installations and video-projections, which will enrich the experience through various multimedia and multisensory stimuli. The entire exhibit will create an emotional and experiential journey through Dali's imagination.

Organized by con-fine Art with the patronage of the Municipality of Bologna and the support of QN Quotidiano Nazionale, il Resto del Carlino, La Nazione e Il Giorno, the exhibit dedicated to the timeless genius of Salvador Dali (Figueres 1904-1989), will take place at the Palazzo Belloni, the historic and prestigious Bolognese building located at 19 Barberia Street, the cornerstone of a never-before-seen event that will engage and captivate the entire city.

The Dali Experience is, in addition, the first installment in a wide-ranging project and inaugurates the central location of Palazzo Belloni, strategically positioned between Piazza Malpighi and Piazza Maggiore. With a ground-floor exhibition space of approximately 800 square meters, Palazzo Belloni is positioning itself as a reference point for a new inter-disciplinary, open and experential way of organizing exhibits.

Even the catalogue, created by con-fine edizioni, curated by Claudio Mazzanti and Gino Fienga and with the artistic direction of Patrizio Ansaloni, will stimulate and suggest original ideas, providing the reader with an even greater understanding.


November 25th, 2016 - May 7th, 2017
Palazzo Belloni, Via Barberia 19
Hours: Tuesday-Thursday and Sunday 10-20/Friday and Saturday 10-23/Monday closed
Ticket Office closes 45 minutes before.
Ticket: Full price 14 euro/Reduced price 12 euro/Special reductions 7 euro/Interactive smartpen included
Info: Tel. 051 6555000

Text by Press Office, Alessandra Zanchi


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