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The XIII edition of the international photograph festival will animate Reggio Emilia, with a powerful theme and plenty of events around the whole city

“REVOLUTIONS: Upheavals, Changes, Utopias”. Fotografia Europea 2018’s theme screams and shakes.

Reggio Emilia is ready to welcome the XIII edition: from today 21st of April until the 17th of June, the festival will occupy and animate lots of exclusive and usually inaccessible sites, like the prestigious Banca d’Italia or the liberty Villa Zironi. A unique way to better explore every corner of this beautiful city.

The spirit of Fotografia Europea 2018 is best embodied into the artistic director Walter Guadagnini’s words: “How can photography represent the revolution today[…]? More importantly, what is the meaning of the word revolution in today’s world[…]? Who is a revolutionary today? It is difficult to imagine Che Guevara's epic deeds played out in our current world, where the revolutionary myth has become a ready-to-wear functional icon: perhaps this is yet another case in which we need to rethink not only in terms of images, but rather in terms of contemporary collective imagination”. Into this optic, the festival is a tribute to photography as a revolutionary art into an old civilization, a “revolution of gaze and vision”. And yet Guadagnini wonders: “is the digital revolution an actual revolution, or is it merely an evolution?”


Revolution has so many facets to deepen, and so are the exhibitions forecasted for this XIII edition. That’s why the festival is designed as an ideal tour with several stops in suggestive locations:

Palazzo Magnani

“SEX & REVOLUTION! Immaginario, utopia, liberazione (1960-1977)” by Pier Giorgio Carizzoni

Palazzo da Mosto

“Transition (1962-1981). Tribute to Joel Meyerowitz” by Francesco Zanot

“Revolutions, Rebellions, Changes, Utopias. 101 photobooks from the collection of the National Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art in Rome” by Piero Cavagna and Laura Gasparini

“In/Finite. A project of dance and photography for urban, natural and historical spaces” in collaboration with Fondazione Nazionale della Danza and Compagnia Aterballetto

Chiostri San Domenico

“Genesis of a Latent Vision: a Window onto Contemporary Art Photography in Iran” by Sheikh and Nadjmabadi

Banca d’Italia

Mishka Henner project

Francesco Jodice project

Spazio San Rocco

“Braguino or the impossible community” by Clément Cogitore


“Iconic China” by Luca Campigotto

Villa Zironi

“The Archive you Deserve” by Lorenzo Tricoli

Reggio Emilia
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Battistero and Palazzo del Vescovado

“The spirit of history” by Elio Ciol

Spazio Gerra

“Fotoromanzo” by ICS - Innovation Culture Society

Spazio U30Cinque, Piazza Scapinelli

“Activism” by Giovane Fotografia Italiana

“Essay on blindness” by Landi, Lhuisset and Pinho

“Potential Energy” by Calori & Maillard



Spazio Via Secchi 11

“Do not you say we are just a few” by Umberto Coa

“Feed us” by Nicolò Panzeri

"Charlie surfs on Lotus Flower” by Simone Sapienza

“Birth of Utopia” by Andrea and Magda

“Motherland” by Danila Tkachenko

Galleria Parmeggiani

“Memories in Super8” by Francesca Catellani

Biblioteca Panizzi

“The utopia of the archive” by Stanislao Farri



Our top Exhibitions

SEX & REVOLUTION! is the exposition hosted at the core venue, Palazzo Magnani, of more than 300 vintage finds about the transformation of concept and living of sexuality in 60-70’s. Five section will guide you in a socio-cultural analysis of this revolutionary historical period.

At Palazzo del Mosto we signal:

TRANSITION is a tribute to Joel Meyerowitz, the great master of contemporary photography who can be considered a true revolutionary: he was among the first American photographers to turn color into an essential element of his artistic language of the 60-70’s and one of the leading figures in street photography. 120 artworks celebrate his talent and insight.

101 PHOTOBOOKS portraits the most iconic and crucial moments of the history of XX century, like the totalitarian regimes (Communism, Fascism and Nazism).

Fotografia Europea 2018’s guest country is IRAN: at Chiostri San Domenico you can see an excursus of the evolution of Iranian photography through the eyes of 9 Iranian artists, plus a selection of the Italian photographer Niedermayr and its personal tribute to the Middle Eastern country.

Banca d’Italia is the most interesting location, which introduces also very peculiar projects:

SEVEN SEAS AND A RIVER is an installation of a high visual and emotional impact that will immerge the visitors into an unexpected world of waves and keeping a halo of mystery.

FRANCESCO JODICE’s project is really particular: it’s a work that will require one year to be completed and that the artist will present in different steps, articulated in various workshops and meetings all around the city. This long work process is the essence of the project itself and will be exposed in the next edition of Fotografia Europea.

THE ARCHIVE YOU DESERVE in the liberty-style Villa Zironi is a homage to the recently passed away Lorenzo Tricoli, Milan artist who collected for several years a huge selection of newspaper clippings, books, photographic prints and magazines to narrate the delirious and changeable version of the recent Italian history

FOTOROMANZO at Spazio Gerra is an all-Italian story, a peculiar exposition that covers more than thirty years of this mass cultural phenomenon which can be easily considered one of the many silent “revolutions” and that has been underestimated by the intellectual world for its triviality and apparent sentimental ingenuity. The material displayed comes from public and private archives, plus some pieces from Zavattini Collection of the Panizzi Library in Reggio Emilia. On Instagram, starting from the opening day, a new contemporary fotoromanzo will be produced and shared for a month.


Lots of extra-events are planned during the opening and the weekends: not only workshops and conferences, but also artistic shows, meets&greets, guided visits and activities thought for children and young.



For more info, visit the official website www.fotografiaeuropea.it

Tickets and openings

How to get there









Thanks to Anna Defrancesco

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Lara Tonani


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