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Lights, camera, action! Everything’s ready for the 20th edition of the first and most important Italian Festival dedicated to technology applied on cinema and animation movies

It doesn’t matter if your heart beats for the eclectic world of cinema, animation movies and video games or you’re only curious to explore it closer; it doesn’t matter if your passion is the technology and the virtual reality rather than the artistic side of the digital application; it doesn’t matter if you’re a professional or a ‘wannabe’. The Future Film Festival (FFF) is absolutely a worth-experience to live, and it’s for everyone.

From today 29th of May until Sunday 3rd of June at Cineteca di Bologna, surreal landscapes and creatures, incredible stories and astonishing special effects will born and live in front of you. This 20th edition presents the record of movies selection, with 33 feature movies and 95 short movies, in addition to extra events and masterclasses: a rich and captivating program with an international breathe and a vocation for innovation and creativity.

What will you find at Future Film Festival XX?

First, the opening at Accademia di Belle Arti, with the revealing of the artwork-symbol of the festival made by the emerging artist Benni Bosetto. During the opening on 29th of May, the first gift for the public provides for a great preview: “Unsane” by Steven Soderbergh, film director of the cult movie “Sex, Lies, and Videotape”. We call it a gift, because this film entirely shot with a smartphone it’s the essence of Soderbergh’s research for alternative channels, far from the perfection of Hollywood style and more true. “If this could be the future tout-court, I don’t know” declares Soderbergh, “but for sure it’s a direction, a phase of transition. There’s no doubt that the iPhone could help translating a story into the visual reality of the most used tool of the world. The performance is intense, hyperrealistic, and for sure it represents a filter that we still must get used to see into the big screen. I can talk for myself: this new cinematographic medium will change my way to make cinema”.


33 Feature Movies in competition and out of competition, both national and international. Most of them are independent productions, with a relevant presence of film directors women and a fine selection of the covered topics: this edition results particularly significative for the future of cinema and the communication of its deep goal. The feature movies in competition for the Platinum Grand Prize are:

- “The Man Who Knew 75 languages” by Anne Magnussen (Norway, Lituania, UK, Romania; Germany)

- “1917 the real October” by Katrin Rothe (Germany, Switzerland)

- “Mutafukaz” by Run and Shojiro Nishimi (France, Japan)

- “Tehran Taboo” by Ali Soozandeh (Austria, Germany)

- “Window Horses: The Poetic Ephifany of Rosie Ming” by Ann Marie Fleming (Canada)

- “Dave Made a Maze” by Bill Watterson (USA)

- “Where It Floods” by Joel Benjamin (USA)

- “La Casa Lobo (The Wolf House)” by León e Cociña (Cile)

- “Un homme est mort” by Olivier Cossu (France)

- “My Dogs, Jinjin and Akida” by Cho Jong-duck (South Korea)

Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 2/b
+39 051 2960672
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These movies are made with different techniques, like cut-out animation, rotoscope, 2D animation, old style effects and stop motion, often with low budgets; exactly this limit frees the creativity and sharpens the geniality, according to the words of Jason Blum, founder of the Blumhouse Production, an American film and television production company that produces low-budget horror films (some titles? Paranormal Activity, The Gift, Insidious). He says: “investing a limited budget in every movie, we can maintain the highest creative freedom from the authors, because, even if it would not work, the loss would be restricted”. Blumhouse’s thriller “Truth or Dare” will close the Future Film Festival.

Among the movies out of competition, a remarkable title is “The Breadwinner” by Nora Twomey (Ireland, Canada, Luxembourg): it’s a movie inspired by the book “Under the burqa” and it has been strongly promoted by the producer Angelina Jolie, because it denounces the hard condition of women in Afghanistan. “The Breadwinner” has been nominated at the Oscar and Golden Globe and it has won lot of international prizes.

Other Premiere are:

- “Les garçons sauvages” by Bertrand Manioc (France)

- “Big Fish and Begonia (Da Hai)” by Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun (China)

- "Insects" by jan Svankmajer

- “Torrey Pines” by Clyde Petersen (USA), Italian Preview of an indie movie

- “The Shower” by Jae-Huu Ahn (South Korea), European Preview

- “I’ll Just Live in Bando” by Yongsun Lee (South Korea), Italian Preview of an emerging artist

- “On Happiness Road (Xing Fu Lu Shang)” by Hsin Yin Sun (Taiwan)

- “Mary and the Witch Flower (Mary to Majo no Hana)” by Hiromasa Yonebayashi (Japan)


This 20th edition offers a very rich selection of short films in competition - 95 titles from all over the world! Two the coveted prizes that will reward the best opera produced with animation techniques, from the traditional drawings to the stop-motion, from flash animation to 3D graphic.


The jewel of the Festival is the tribute to the cinema of the great Japanese teacher Isao Takahata, recently passed away. He has been the master of animation and film direction and father of masterpieces famous also in Italy, such as Heidi or Anna dai Capelli Rossi. The “Heartbreaking Memories” tribute includes the most representative films of his way to conceive the cinema. The roundtable will take place at MAMbo - Museo d’arte Moderna di Bologna on Saturday 2nd of June.


It's the most awaited appointment for the night owls who search a more tasty and out-of-reality selection of movie. The FFF 2018 proposes for this edition two Japanese movies:

- “Meatball Machine Kodoku”, a delirious splatter in Italian Preview

- “DC Super Heroes vs Eagle Talon” an hilarious superhero comedy in European Preview approved by Warner Bros


Among the special events in plan for these exciting six days, two exclusive movies restored in 4K:

- "Legend of the Mountain" by King Hu (Taiwan)

- "The Fabulous Baron Munchausen" by Karel Zeman (Czechoslovakia)


The youngest public has its own space and program with the Future Film Kids, full of laboratories, workshops and a lot of animation movies. Just follow the big K to find it!


Large space to the future of cinema and animation, which means in one definition Virtual Reality. This dedicated area will transport you into new worlds and will let you be protagonist of the several stories selected for this special experience.

A week seems to be not enough to show what’s growing into the cinematographic world; for sure, it’s an explosion of innovation, creativity, wonder and enthusiasm that will capture your attention on the fascinating “seventh art”.

Watch the sections and the full FFF program directed by Giulietta Fara and Oscar Cosulich and supported by the collaboration of MAMbo and MAST.

Here the venues of the FFF:

Cinema Lumière - Cineteca di Bologna, Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 2/b

Laboratori delle Arti, Piazzetta Pier Paolo Pasolini 5/b

Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna, Via delle Belle Arti 54

MAMbo Museo d’Arte Moderna di Bologna, Via Don Minzoni, 14

MAST, Via Speranza, 42

Biblioteca Salaborsa, Piazza del Nettuno, 3



Thanks to Giusi Raimo

Press Office Future Film Festival

Lara Tonani



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