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La Perla - Introducing Julia Haart

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Founded in 1954, in Bologna, by the talented corsetry maker Ada Masotti, who was given the nickname "golden scissors" for her exacting cutting and tailoring abilities, La Perla is the leading Italian lingerie and beachwear maison. Artisanal heritage, knowledge of the female body, blend of innovation and tradition and Italian identity are the founding values of the La Perla universe.

The Masotti family redefined lingeries as a clothing accessory. Ada Masotti would drape fabric directly on the female body, achieving expert awareness of line and movement. Beginning in the 1950s, when female silhouttes were accentuated in fashion, Ada Masotti sought materials from Italian and international production such as Leavers lace woven on Calais looms, called Dentelle de Calais, and tulle embroidered in northen Italy and Switzerland. 

In the second half of 2013, the company was acquired by Pacific Global Management, owned by Silvio Scaglia's family holding and already active in the fashion industry through the world largest model management network, operating under the brands Elite, Women and The Society. 

La Perla sells its creations through a network of flagship stores, shop-in-shops and corners located in the heart of the most important fashion districts, as well as being present in the best department stores and specialized boutiques worldwide. The company offers collections of lingerie, sleepwear, beachwear, ready-to-wear and accessories for women and men who aim at expressing their style with ease and sophistication.

Via Farini, 11
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On the 25th of August, 2016, Italian lifestyle brand La Perla introduced Julia Haart as the new Creative Director beginning with the Spring/Summer 2017 season, which debuted a women's ready-to-wear collection, a natural addition to La Perla's core lingerie and beachwear collections.

The designer took over from Pedro Lourenco, who completed his contract in July 2016. La Perla thanked Pedro Lourenco for his vision executing the first phase of evelution for the brand towards a complete lifestyle proposition. 

Julia Haart worked closely with the La Perla design team on two inspiring accessories collaborations: Sping/Summer 2016 and Fall/Winter 2016-2017. She continues the brand's evolution last season into women's ready-to-wear.
Julia Haart is a rare female Creative Director in the industry, and has a strong connection to La Perla's brand heritage, born from the vision of female creator Ada Masotti.

La Perla has a strong identity: core to its DNA is the mission and expertise to design garments that highlight femininity  with stunning fabrics, luxurious details and attention to comfort and form.

Julia Haart, with the established design team's support, is the Creative Director overseeing lingerie, sleepwear, beachwear, accessories and menswear lines, and the new ready-to-wear collection, all of which begin with an unrivaled understanding of building the closest garments to women's bodies. 
With skin-close expertise and a woman at the helm, La Perla aims to transform the expectations women have for what clothes can do, and how they feel when they get dressed. 

From Chairman Silvio Scaglia: "Julia comes to La Perla as a trusted advisor, bringing consideration of the female body and experience of wear and beauty as a primary focus. La Perla's Spring/Summer '17 collection will be a revolutionary one, not just for our brand but for women's fashion in general, thanks to a strong mix for our atelier's savoir faire, a woman who is extremely talented as a creative director and the best materials in the world. Julia's work is emblematic of the La Perla lifestyle and I am excited to work with her on this new cornerstone of the brand's history."

La Perla 
Via Farini, 11
40124 - Bologna
Tel. +39 051 273363

Thanks to Rita Camelli - La Perla Press Office

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