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Orchestra Senzaspine is close to start its fifth season at Bologna’s theatres with its wacky classical music performances and a special event in program

Classical music never dies; it rather evolves in something unexpected, entertaining and absolutely avant-garde, a kind of classical-pop which performs more like a show than like a simple concert. The brilliant and brave minds capable of conceiving such a paradoxical new genre are the two young masters of Orchestra Senzaspine, Tommaso Ussardi and Matteo Parmeggiani: they lead an army of over 450 under 35 musicians with a special talent and lot of enthusiasm.

The upcoming season 2018-2019 is going to start in mid-October; it’s the fifth season and it’s growing more and more as a serious initiative. It doesn’t make any wonder, because the incomparable approach of Orchestra Senzaspine to classical music has already conquered a huge appreciation from the Bolognese audience and from the most relevant musical authorities of the territory, like the Teatro Comunale of Bologna and the two theatres that will host the five concerts in plan, the Duse and the Auditorium Manzoni.

Orchestra Senzaspine’s new season program

In occasion of the 150th anniversary of the death of the Italian composer Gioachino Rossini, the two principal performances in plan will celebrate the artist with a revisitation of the famous operas “Il barbiere di Siviglia” and “Petite messe solennelle”. The first, which will debut at Duse Theatre on 12th, 13th and 14th October, will be a hipster performance, with an offbeat Figaro who best represents his colourful and bright Sevilla; the second opera will make a high contrast with the first chosen, because it’s a more intimate heritage from Rossini’s deeper thoughts and also a majestic, futuristic masterpiece. It will take place at Manzoni Theatre on 26th November.

“Bollicine” concert is always a good idea for celebrating the end of the year: the air is full of elegant but joyful notes taken from the viennese atmosphere, a tradition that Orchestra Senzaspine proposes to exalt the magic of a stunning waltz and a vibrant polka. Strauss operas will be the real protagonists of the two evenings in plan on 27th and 28th December.

The great pianist Olaf John Laneri will delight the stage of Manzoni Theatre for the fourth appointment on 12th March: “Romantika” will be an unmissable occasion to enjoy a performance focused on Russian romanticism and its piano literature. The strive for happiness, passing through a wide range of emotions and facing obstacles and destiny, is the core story of each symphony played.

The new season of Orchestra Senzaspine ends with a glance on the past, winking at the sweet childhood memories and making them great: on 15th and 16th April at Duse Theatre, don’t miss “Cartoons”, the hilarious and engaging concert-show where you will interact with Senzaspine’s masters and musicians.

An extra appointment with the magic of circus

Classical music and…circus? Yes, this is the magic of the awaited special event in plan for the 5th and 6th February at Duse Theatre of Bologna. This unexpected combination is the result of the collaboration between Orchestra Senzaspine and MagdaClan Circus: their union will generate “MasNada”, an unprecedented show that looks like a deliriant dream where symphonic music will speak an acrobatic language, following the circenses movements. Two worlds apart, but harmoniously intertwined, in the name of Art.

Giving the floor to the conductors

Matteo Parmeggiani: “The fifth season of Orchestra Senzaspine combine the informal approach, which has always distinguished us, with the highest quality level we reached these years. The season is fruit of a work that find encouragement and confirmation into the growing collaborations with the most important musical realities in Bologna territory, like the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, and with famed solo artists who honour us of their trust.”

Tommaso Ussardi: “For this new season, the energy of Orchestra Senzaspine will give off on the stage of two prestigious theatres, a choice that reflects the aim of valorizing the two souls of our orchestra: the one exquisitely symphonic, for a pure listening with closed eyes, that you can fully enjoy at Manzoni Theatre, and the captivating one, creator of the spectacular concerts that you can live at Duse.”

New season 2018-2019

12-13-14 October 2018 at Duse Theatre “Il Barbiere di Siviglia”

26 November at Auditorium Manzoni Theatre “Petite messe solennelle”

27-28 December at Duse Theatre “Bollicine”

5-6 February at Duse Theatre Special event "MasNada”

12 March at Auditorium Manzoni Theatre “Romantika”

15-16 April at Duse Theatre “Cartoons”


Thanks to Marina Brancaccio

Press Office Orchestra Senzaspine and Mercato Sonato

Lara Tonani



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