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You don’t need to go “somewhere over the rainbow” to find a treasure: at the hills surrounding Bologna you’ll find the perfect destination for a sweet escape of relax and nature

A remarkable place, or better, an unforgettable one, is that little portion of world where you make an experience that, somehow, changes your point of view and let you recharge from the inside out. That place where you feel yourself at the best or where to face your deeper dimension. While Bologna will astonish you with its story and beauty and will attract you with its innovative personality and its pleasant culture of good living and eating, the surrounding hills represent a heavenly destination to relax and enjoy marvellous natural landscapes.

Villaggio della Salute Più has for sure a higher gear: it’s an immense natural amphitheater embedded in the Sillaro Valley, a territory with a high biodiversity that has gained the European Union recognition as a Site of Community Interest (SCI) IT4050011 and the environmental certification UNI ISO 140001 due to its naturality and quality.

Here, you will live a full experience into the “natura sanatrix" (“healing nature”), a milestone of Villaggio della Salute Più’s philosophy; thanks to three springs of thermal waters with a recognized therapeutical effect, clean air full of oxygen, immaculate lakes and rivers, an organic farm estate and the rooted historical and artistic identity of the area, Villaggio della Salute Più represents a unique attraction for a quality holiday. Depending on what you’re searching for, you can find what fits you better: you can relax and recharge in the spa, with the possibility to try the healthy effect of the natural treatments and products; or, maybe, you prefer enjoying the water park of Salute Più, one of the biggest in Europe, immersed in a breathless landscape and still oriented on wellness; instead, if you’re looking for adventure and activities, don’t miss the organized excursions along the hills and lakes, trekking trails and canoeing.

Relax in the spa

As you overstep the doors of the wooden structure of the Villaggio della Salute Più spa, you can feel the positive energy of nature. Thanks to the big panoramic windows, you can see the rolling hills all around the spa water pools and feel completely relaxed and in harmony.

Into the spa complex, you can enjoy a pool with thermal water, an Aufguss sauna with steam ventilation and aromatic essences, a thermal cave with Turkish bath and snow granules and a mud treatment and massages area; there's also a pool with sulphate-calcium spa water at 32-34°C that provides for a little open-air section. Every treatment, every product, every experience is designed to be part of the main vision of the “natura sanatrix” and its power of regeneration, and if you want to add a touch of magic, take part of the amazing initiative "Notti Azzurre" ("Blue Nights"), which opens the spa doors by night! This means you can access to all treatments and spaces of the spa structure, under the moonlight.

Have fun at the water park

The Acquapark della Salute Più is one of the biggest water parks in Europe, with its 52 hectares of grassy area and its 22 pools, waterslides, lakes and wellness stations. From May to September, this green and blue oasi offers a diversificate experience: for those who are addicted to wellness, the pool of the pyramid with a bioenergetic path is perfect, as well as the healthy pools at Pianoro dell'Eden with salty, magnetized and bionic waters, Kneipp hydromassage and salt baths rich in magnesium, iodine and copper.

Via Sillaro, 27 - 40050 Monterenzio (BO)
+39 051 929791 - +39 051 929972
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Looking to a stunning place where to enjoy the fresh water with a breathless view on the hill landscape, you must go to Pianoro del Cielo, a big pool with waterfalls, hot stones, waves and rafts.

The best of fun is on the longest waterslides of Italy: sliding down from the top of the hills feels like flying!

The real “natura sanatrix”

Sillaro Valley is a real treasure where you can find a rich natural heritage: thermal springs, uncontaminated lakes, rivers and air, trails into the green and historical itineraries…exploring it and enjoying the positive vibes of nature is easy.

You can choose to participate to the numerous excursions along the hills and lakes or to take part at activities like trekking, horse riding, fishing, cycling and much more.

There’s also the possibility to visit the Museum of Gothic Line of the Villaggio, with an exposition of everyday objects linked to the Second World War.

The taste of wellness

Wellness is not only about relax, but also about a responsible lifestyle; that’s why food is a relevant element into Villaggio della Salute Più’s approach to natural healing.

The organic farm estate, existing in the territory since 1998 (one of the first and largest in the region with 17 small farms), provides the best products, like spelled, honey, wine and thermal beer. This zero-mile food is served at the Sillaro Restaurant: housed in an 18th century palazzo, it proposes a cuisine linked to the local traditions and careful about health.

If you don’t want necessarily a complete lunch, you can opt for the self service of the Panoramic Restaurant: simple, light and quick dishes you can taste in bathrobe to return as soon as possible at the spa!

“Be our guest!”

Living a full experience at Villaggio della Salute Più and into the Sillaro Valley should include a staying at one of the welcoming rooms and apartments into the historical farmhouses, which have been renovated following the original medieval style, or into the buildings which hosted the Allied command at the passage of the Gothic Line. Also camping areas and hostels are available.

So, after an intensive visit to the majestic Bologna, or if you just want to take a weekend break, on the Bolognese hills you’ll find that unforgettable place you're searching for.


For more info:

Villaggio della Salute Più

Via Sillaro, 27 - 40050 Monterenzio (BO)

Phone +39 051 929791 - +39 051 929972






Thanks to Communication Office of Mare Termale Bolognese and Circuito della Salute Più

Lara Tonani



Wander in an artistic and surreal green space capable of blowing your mind is a unique experience: live it near Bologna!


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