The editorial project includes three issues per year and the website. Our aim is to the the tale of the lesser known parts of the city, the story behind the ancient facades of historic buildings and not forgetting the stories behind the shops, the restaurants and the small family business that are the most authentic Italian hallmark.

Bologna finds itself in the centre of a hard working and evocative region:

Emilia Romagna, a region ready to be discovered and remembered, where tradition is a synonym of passion.

Written in English, the magazine's goal is to grab the attention of the refined and cosmopolitan traveller, searching for new places to visit, but most of all searching for exclusivity and places known to few others.

The project is brought to life by the same people whose enthusiasm brings Bologna to life everyday and make it a unique and extraordinary city.

I sincerely hope that this project can bring to Bologna all the international attention it deserves.

Angelo Careddu